Aussie marches

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Feb 16 20:51:39 MST 2003

The marches at the weekend in Australia seem to have been easily over a
million people - about 1.2 million by the sound of things.

To give people in the US an idea of this - it is the equivalent of about
17 million on the streets in the US!

These marches are far, far bigger than the anti-Vietnam War marches,
even taking into account that it is 30 years on and populations have
grown since then.

What is now going to be crucial is that the revolutionary left works all
out not just to organise mass protests *but also* sets about
politicising the consciousness of as many of the protesters as possible,
so we don't just have a mass movement, but we have a flow-on movement.

Philip Ferguson

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