Australian media on antiwar rallies (includes photos)

Kim Bullimore k_bullimore at
Sun Feb 16 21:02:48 MST 2003

Here are some links to some of the Australian media reports on the Sydney
rally (even the Murdock rag, the Daily Terror - sorry Telegraph had
reasonably okay reports).  Also included a link to the Sydney Morning
Herald, photo gallery of the rally.

Kim B

Sydney rally photo gallery

City throbs to drumbeat of peace
Sydney Morning Herald 17 February, 2003

The Grim Reaper came, and girls in tutus, all  passionately against the war,
Valerie Lawson writes.

The people's army marched as one, with one voice, one heartbeat, through the
streets of Sydney.

To the insistent rhythm of the chant "No war, no war," punctuated by three
hand claps, they marched as they
sang as they whistled as they cheered.

"No, war, no war," cried the little girl in a pink fairy dress, the pregnant
woman with a peace sign painted on her
belly, the man chattering on his mobile dressed as the Grim Reaper, the 33
members of the Wayward
Wanderers bushwalking group, the Quakers, the Palestinians, the Peace
Angels, Masaya Arellano, a
schoolgirl in a frangipani necklace and with a peace banner wrapped round
her head, and Chloe, nine months,
on her first march.

10 million people march for peace
By RACHEL MORRIS and Agencies
17feb03  The Daily Telegraph

TEN million people across the world - including 200,000 in Sydney yesterday
- united over the weekend behind a single message: No war with Iraq.

In Sydney, the huge crowd gathered in Hyde Park and spilled over on to
surrounding streets for the biggest demonstration in Australian history.

Across the world, the marches equalled or surpassed recent
anti-globalisationdemonstrations and also the anti-nuclear protests of the
early 1980s or the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s and '70s.

By BRAD CLIFTON - Daily Telegraph

MOST of them had never attended a protest rally - and none had been to one
this big.

But the thousands of Australians and their families who yesterday marched on
Sydney's CBD in the name of peace managed to send one through sheer volume.

At least 200,000 people - organisers' estimates put the figure closer to
half a million - crammed into trains, buses, ferries and cars for the
largest protest march ever seen in the harbour city.

They defied the crush, the humidity and their Prime Minister's dismissive
views to unite against a possible war with Iraq.,5936,5995374%255E701,00.html

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