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A note to Charles Brown on the Labor Aristocracy and

I read you posts with the pro-imperialist quotes
lifted from somewhere or other on the internet. those
views do exist among a strong, and very reactionary
and backward sector fo the working class, and among
its aristocracy, in the United States.

But those views do not represent the consciousness of
the labor aristocracy in the United States.

Nor do they represent the material interests of that
social layer.

The consciousness of the labor aristocracy in the
United states is contradictory, and its material
interests are as well.

That's why so many members of the labor aristocracy,
including official union delegations, - white, brown,
and black - participated in the demonstrations against
the upcoming war.

If you are a revolutionary, you can not simply write
off the priveleged workers - you must work to win them
to the side of the oppressed, and against the
oppressor. If you write them off, you not only lose an
opportunity, you lose a battle.

All the best, Anthony

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