The war has already begun

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Mon Feb 17 06:41:17 MST 2003

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US special forces have been operating inside Iraq for more than a month
in what amounts to the initial phase of the ground war, according to a
story in today's Washington Post.

They've been reconnoitring Iraqi positions and oil fields, preparing air
strips, encouraging defections, contacting Kurdish and Shiite militias,
and establishing communications networks so the US army can quickly
seize up to 75% of Iraqi territory, leaving only a small area from
Baghdad north to Tikrit for a full-scale air and ground assault. Regular
air strikes by US and British warplanes in the “no-fly” zones have
already been well publicized.

The advance units are in now because, unlike the 1991 Gulf War, military
planners don't want the ground assault to wait until after a prolonged
air offensive; they want a swift ground occupation of most of the
country to undercut antiwar sentiment, and to secure major oil fields.

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