Venezuelan Coup Documentary, Commentary on Anti-War Marches

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At 11:22 AM +0000 2/17/03, D OC wrote:
>For those able to get RTE1 - the documentary on the failed US-coup 
>in Venezuala is being shown on RTE1, Tuesday 18 February at 
>22.10-23.20 hrs - True Lives: Chavez - Inside the Coup. (Kim 
>Bartley, Donncha Ó Briain)

I's the above documentary the same as the one titled "The Revolution 
Will Not Be Televised" below?

*****   "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" - Dir: Kim Bartley and 
Donnacha O'Brian
Over the course of seven months, from January to July 2002, a group 
of filmmakers secured unprecedented access to film Venezuela 
President Hugo Chavez in his daily life. During this time, there was 
a coup. This group of filmmakers were the only crew inside the 
presidential palace at the time and the first there for his 
triumphant return some 48 hours later. This film chronicles those 
events from the inside-out.

<>   *****

Does anyone know how to get a copy of this documentary on video in NTSC format?

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