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> 2003-02-17
> Middle East Online
> Feb. 17, 2003
> Oil majors readying for battle over post-Saddam oil
> Iraq's vast oil reserves keep French oil giant TotalFinaElf in pole
> position to lead fight in post-Saddam Iraq.
> By Leigh Thomas - PARIS
> As the growing beat of war drums sounds the threat of war in Iraq,
> international oil majors and their governments are preparing for the battle
> to stake claims on Iraq's vast oil reserves, the second largest in the world.

Needless to say, with a US administration in place --and later a
US-puppet regime-- in Iraq, the world's second largest oil reserves
would be pulled out of OPEC.  Little wonder then, that the Saudis, and
just about everyone else in the region, are so nervous about the US
taking out Saddam Hussein's regime.

Of course, such a situation would not bode well for an unrepentant
Venezuela either.

- Juan F.

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