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Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 17 12:36:09 MST 2003

The San Francisco Chronicle is now reporting that the police estimate of
the crowd on 2/16 stands at 200,000.

To me this demo felt smaller than the Jan 18th one, as it did to David
Walters, who claculated it at 2/3 the size of the Jan. 18th march.  That
seems about right to me.

If we consider the police reports to be somewhat accurate this time
around, given their probable interest in getting the numbers right this
time after the embarrassment of Jan. when they first calculated the
march at 40,00 then had to revise it up to 100,000 and then to "over
150,000", with 200,000 being "quite possible", I posit that we can
confidently adjust the calculations for the Jan 18 march upward.

Taking David's and my own sense of the size of the march at face value,
I think that we can calculate that the Jan. 18th march passed the 250k
mark and may have approaced 300k.

- Juan F.

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