UK state and Northern Ireland

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Mon Feb 17 15:29:43 MST 2003

At 09:16  17/02/03 +0000, James wrote:

>I have pointed out recently that Eamonn McCann was one of the
>architects of the present six county "deal". When he addressed the
>rally on the 15th of February he said that the message was "Ulster
>says no". He had no right to speak for the people of the three
>counties of the Irish province of Ulster which lie beyond the border.
>If he was jesting, and referring to the loyalist six county British
>province of "Ulster" ... that is just too sick.

In the name of jayzuss, I have to say that you are without parallel, James,
when it comes to the gnomic and the cryptic and the exceptionally
condensed. Brilliant and loveable you undoubtedly are but
Christallmighty... What rally? Presumably you mean the peace rally in Belfast?

I tend to agree with your assessment of "Ulster says no" but it read funny
in print - you know. But then Eamonn's problem always has been that he is
more clever & witty than wise - exactly the same problem that George
Bernard Shaw had.

BTW your post reminded me sharply of Chichester-Clark.  I had erased his
very existence from my memory banks - hardly surprising.

Now do we trade predictions or facts?  I agree with you that the latter are
preferable, but predictions are always a lot easier.

So will Orangeism endure?  The answer is only as long as it suits the
interest of the British and that is where Michael's post is suggestive of
the possibility of a fact that Albion may well prove perfidious for the
"Wee North".

warm regards


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