Forewarned is fore-armed. Thanks, PLP!

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> In that vein, I feel particularly fortunate to have at hand a pamphlet
> put out by the Progressive Labor Party, which in a column entitled
> "Bosse's 'Peace' Movement Leads to War", offers invaluable guidance in
> sorting out the various anti-war groups.

Is that "Bosses'", or are they talking about Bob Bosse? :-) (An excellent
and inspiring priest with the 8th Day Center for Justice here)

> [etc etc etc etc etc]

But the FUNNY THING is that they are actually pretty friendly in person
these days.  Some of them came on the buses with us to Jan. 18, which
surprised the heck out of me.  They are really cordial and pleasant, bearing
in mind that every so often they have to politely tell you how misguided you
are.   They also have a good representation in the oppressed communities, to
give them their due.

My understanding of PLP's views on movement unity was previously summed up
by an anti-Nazi rally many years back, where you had several hundred
leftists scattered around this park waiting for the Nazis, and up marches
PLP with their flags waving, and the first thing the guy on the bullhorn

So they've actually mellowed some :-)

Hey, I'm going to take that quote and tell Newman on lbo-talk to lay off us
because we're really agents of the Democrats and see what he says :-)


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