Thoughts on the peace rallies

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Feb 17 19:01:01 MST 2003

I have been thinking over Lou's insightful post on this, and have finally
generated a Couple of Thoughts.

Lou's pointing to an ideological factor, where I was looking for material
ones. That's not to downplay it, quite the opposite, ideology is the main
place Marxists can have an impact right now.

>>I think it is very much like the reaction you would get if the mayor of
your city announced that Mr. Smith, of 666 Main St., is a dangerous man and
the police are instructed to go to his house and murder him without

I'd suggest that in a more nuanced way, this IS what has been happening in
the western democracies. That's how people feel about the end of the
post-war "social contract", which involved things like full employment,
protectionism, state run enterprises, and so on. We would point out the
reactionary side to it all, but the point here is perceptions. We had a
deal with the ruling class, and they welched on it. Similarly, the UN was a
hope -- and they're taking it away.

I actually thought the outpouring of grief over Princess Diana's death was
a bit the same. We had a fairy princess, and she was taken from us -- in a
world with so few consolations. But I guess that's a digression...:-)

Sometimes, of course, the police do commit murder. Here in Melbourne,
Australia, the police have a history of shooting people dead with minimal
pretext. Another digression? Not sure.

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