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Mon Feb 17 20:59:36 MST 2003

* Juan Fajardo (fajardos at wrote:
> ANSWER, it turns out, "answers to the more powerful U.S. rulers who seek
> broader popular support for their warmaking through the Democratic Party."
> Peace Action "actually promotes U.S. military superiority" and "its
> program of international nuclear disarmament benefits U.S. rulers."
> Not In Our Name, meanwhile, is "supporting Iraq's right to
> 'self-determination'" which "favors local capitalist rulers over
> international ones and agve rise to terrorist movemente worldwide."

Are you actually debating any of the points brought up in this pamphlet,
or is this merely an attack on PLP? Sarcasm is not an argument.

> Apparently it is true, as explained elsewhere in the pamphlet, that one
> must "beware the warmakers posing as doves"!
> After reading those lines, I would've thought that the next time an
> anti-war demo is called by this powerful, but obviously, thoroughly
> false, global "peace" movement the most revolutionary thing I could do
> would be to stay home.  But, no.  "War," you see, "creates incomparable
> opportunities for the communist movement to grow."

Once again, you are making a critique without any grounding in material
reality. If you disagree with something, the general idea is that you
explain why.


Your email is quite saddening to see. It provides no argument against
the PL pamphlet, and is merely a childish and sarcastic response. If you
have any actual argument to make, I, for one, would love to hear it.


"I have often remarked on the fact that an 'anti-Marxist' argument is
only the apparent rejuvenation of a pre-Marxist idea." -Sartre

"They got you fightin white against colored, native against foreign,
hollow against hollow, when you know there aint but two sides in this
world -- them that work and them that don't. You work, they don't.
That's all you got to know about the enemy." -Matewan

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