Labor aristocracy and imperialism

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> Subject: Labor aristocracy and imperialism
> Imperialism does not win over the "privileged" only with  "imperialist
> and booty" , as Lenin termed it.  The very fact that there are  masses in
> relative surplus population, the poor, right here, who serve as  examples
> what a worker can become if they lose their job for being radical, (that
> fact) is a powerful stick to be gungho for America. American workers are
> pragmatic.  Why should they pursue a Marxist ideal of working  class
> movement, a sure loser position in the immediate real life  circumstances
> which they find themselves.
>...The labor aristocracy is privileged  relative to  tens of millions poor
here in the U.S.
>  Furthermore, those poor, who are a major part of the U.S.
> working class, are  largely disabled from participation in political
struggle as they
> only have time and energy to meet their survival needs. So, we have an
> difficult task in moving either the privileged or underprivileged
> masses of  our class. That is to say, the "oppressed" are not class
> conscious either.  They are survival conscious and often more conscious of
trying to
> get into  the privileged sector, by hook or by crook. And I don't know too
> many people  who think of themselves as among the "poor".  And the
> knows all  this and is constantly aggravating and perpetuating all these
> anti-class and  anti-working class consciousness circumstances, with means
> thousand times  more powerful than ours.
> ...
> -- In terms of immediate activity ,all for preventing escalation of the
> ongoing war against Iraq  -- not a word about "privileged U.S. workers".
> Peace, No War,

How right, Charles.  Exactly the same applies to the UK.

Also, in "democratic" country after "democratic" country the mainstream
parties have no differences on ideological or policy grounds so that no way
forward by electoral means is on the horizon - but it is just this that
makes the vast numbers involved in last weekend's anti-war demonstrations,
no matter the weaknesses of the underlying ideology and understanding, so
encouraging and so important to develop.  THIS IS WHERE WE START.

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