Turkey demands bigger payoff

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(Amazing stuff. Sounds like a whore haggling over the price of a 
blow-job with a john.)

NY Times, Feb. 18, 2003

Proposal by Turkey Stalls U.S. Bid to Use Its Bases

ISTANBUL, Feb. 17 — The Bush administration's plans for a northern front 
against Iraq reached a critical point today, as Turkish leaders ruled 
out a deal to allow American combat troops to use their country without 
agreement first on a multibillion dollar economic aid package.

With time running out, a senior Turkish official said the government 
would present its final offer to American diplomats tonight. If the Bush 
administration agreed to the proposal, the official said, Parliament 
would probably vote this week to allow American combat troops to use the 
country as a base against Iraq.

If the Americans rejected the offer, the official said, Turkish leaders 
would decline to put the question to Parliament this week. In all 
likelihood, the Turkish official said, such a decision would mean that 
the American plans for a northern front from Turkey would be all but dead.

"We are in a deadlock," the Turkish official said. "The American 
deadline is very close. If our counteroffer is not accepted, then the 
chances that we will put this to Parliament this week are very slim if 
not zero."

Less than two weeks ago, it appeared that the American plan was inching 
toward acceptance. The Turkish Parliament voted to allow hundreds of 
American engineers to upgrade Turkish bases for possible use by American 

Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said he would ask Parliament to open the 
country's bases to thousands of American troops, and a final 
parliamentary vote was scheduled for Tuesday.

But negotiations bogged down over the size of the aid package, officials 
said, and today Mr. Gul said the vote would be postponed.

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/18/international/europe/18TURK.html


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