If they're not above ground -- they must be underground!

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Tue Feb 18 10:11:56 MST 2003

Well, they have begun U-2 flights over Iraq and they still might not turn up
any weapons of mass destruction - on the surface!!  Fortunately, in order that
the world will not be in suspense for very long, a former scientist has turned
up just at the right time to tell us where they are:

- - - - - - - -

"These materials are hidden deep underground or in a tunnel system."

Shahristani said his information came from former colleagues and dissidents
who had recently fled the country. ...

Shahristani said he believed Saddam planned to make his last stand in Baghdad
in the event of a U.S.-led attack and use the capital's four million residents
as human shields.

"There has even been discussion within his circle to set up what they call a
chemical belt around Baghdad using his chemical weapons to entrap the
residents of Baghdad inside," he said.
- - - -

Shahristani was not with the chemical program, he was with the nuclear program
24 years ago.  According to this bio, he was arrested in 1979, and was in
prison until he escaped during the Gulf War of 1991.


Note: this bio is on the website of mafqud.org, which is a project of a group
called Huquqalinsan.org, formerly known as the Organization for Human Rights
in Iraq (OHRI). According to the mafqud.org site,

"The Center for the Disappeared in Iraq was established with a grant from the
National Endowment for Democracy, and the launch of Mafqud.org has been made
possible by a grant from the United States Department of State. "

Sharistani is apparently now living in London, but was associated with the
OHRI very early on.

Now, this tunnel business is a new idea for Shahristani.  A couple months ago
he said the weapons were in Shiite villages:

I have information from inside Iraq that Saddam plans to distribute his
chemical weapons in particular in major Shiite towns in southern Iraq. He
plans to remotely detonate them and expose the population to nerve agents and
cause very large scale civilian deaths.

And a couple days ago he said they were being moved around:


"I believe these are still in Iraq and being moved around to avoid detection
by the UN inspection team," Hussein Shahristani said in Manilla.

Even giving Shahrastani the most possible benefit of the doubt, this is a man
who (a) understandably hates Saddam Hussein, (b) hasn't been in Iraq for 12
years, (c) didn't work on the chemical or biological program, (d) so far as I
know is not trained in the debriefing of defectors, (e) has come up with three
different hidden-weapon scenarios in two months, and (f) on the day after U-2
overflights began, came up with the story of why they won't find anything.

Lou Paulsen

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