12 million say No to Bush's oil war! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #526 February 19, 2003

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                           Green Left Weekly,
                      Australia's socialist newspaper
                               Issue #526
                             February 19, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: 12 million say: No to Bush's oil war!

Almost 1 million people in Australia mobilised on February 14-16 to tell
Prime Minister John Howard and Labor leader Simon Crean that they oppose
any war on Iraq, with or without UN backing. Across the globe, at least
12 million people protested against the US-British plan to decimate
Iraq. This was the largest coordinated anti-war protest in history.
Green Left Weekly's correspondents around Australia and around the world
report. (GLW have more in depth reports from participants in issue



 * WORLD: Largest coordinated anti-war protest in history


 * Student strike on March 5 to bring the troops home


 * IRAQ: Blix disappoints Washington warmongers
 * IRAQ: Washington invents al Qaeda `link' with Hussein
 * IRAQ: Chirac manoeuvres to delay US invasion
 * BRITAIN: Blair's `deliberate deception' discovered
 * VENEZUELA: Interview with Marta Harnecker -- `The most important
anti-neoliberal struggle in the world'
 * GUAM: `Get your arsenal out of the Pacific'
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Two Trevors do the forums
 * GERMANY: 30,000 confront Rumsfeld
 * VENEZUELA: Opposition `strike' collapses
 * VENEZUELA: Bolivarian circles organise the poor
 * ACEH: Lesley McCulloch freed


 * Almost 1 million Australians march against war (220,000 in Melbourne)
 * Half a million rally against war in Sydney
 * 20,000 rally in Perth
 * Canberrans mass against war
 * 100,000 march in Brisbane
 * 100,000 in Adelaide's largest ever anti-war demo
 * 15,000 take to streets of Newcastle
 * Rockhampton protests war
 * Tasmanian rallies draw huge crowds
 * Byron Bay peace rally and march
 * Airshow anti-war protest takes off
 * Protesters take over the streets of Lismore
 * 1500 say `No to war and racism'
 * More anti-war protests
 * Iraqi refugee opposes war
 * Vic unions plan lunchtime protest against war
 * Wollongong high schools greeted by `No War Mobile'
 * Anti-war notebook
 * International Women's Day: No War on Iraq
 * Women take to the streets for peace
 * Lawrence: war with UN `still immoral'
 * East Timorese asylum seekers: Let them stay!
 * Face off in Charlestown
 * Public service `reform' to cost thousands of jobs
 * Court victory over Narangba eviction case


 * High school students oppose war
 * Socialist Alliance candidate: `The anti-war movement is our priority'
 * Freedom Socialist Party: Unity in action isn't left regroupment


 * Terry Jones: I'm losing my patience with my neighbours, Mr Bush
 * Concert to highlight West Papua's freedom struggle
 * The `movement of the 6 billion'


 * A woman's place is in the struggle: US right to choose hangs by a
 * Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly


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