"Emperor's Clothes" goes (even further) off deep end

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This is from an email sent out last night by Emperor's Clothes; I don't
really know much about the origins of Emperor's Clothes or of its
principal figures, such as Jared Israel, but I always suspected that a
group that uncritically lauded Slododan Milosevic and that claimed that it
was the Tutsis who were responsible for the Rwandan genocide was capable
of anything. This is only the most recent of several posts over the last
couple months along these lines:

Yay is Yay and Nay is Nay; Anything Else Smacketh of Evil
A Reader No Longer Trusts Us About Yugoslavia
Because We Said The 'Wrong' Thing About Israel...
Jared Israel Comments {Part One}[Posted 17 February 2003]
Dear Jared,
You were one of the main people I read and admired in 1999 and 2000
because of
your excellent criticism of American/NATO state terrorism against innocent
Serbian people. Now that I know you're a defender of Israeli state
however, I feel some doubt about whether Milosevic and the Serbians as a
really are as innocent as you portray them. Since you ignore and excuse
atrocities and state terrorism, you will likely ignore and excuse Serbian
atrocities too.
Get a clue, Jared. Zionism is Jewish Naziism. Ariel Sharon is a Jewish
Your friend,Dave

Jared Israel

Dear Dave,Thank you for your kind words about my work on Yugoslavia.
Regarding Israel, we at Emperors Clothes used to believe it was mainly
responsible for the problems in the Middle East. However we changed our
Consequently some people are mad at us.

We began studying the Arab-Israeli dispute and anti-Semitism last spring.
We had
several reasons.
First, we found the media coverage of the fighting in Jenin to be biased
Israel in ways reminiscent of anti-Serb media coverage in Bosnia and
Kosovo. The
media accepted outrageous claims (that hundreds or even thousands had been
brutally murdered, etc.) without applying common sense skepticism. This
created the public impression that, in Jenin, Goliath was massacring
After the smoke cleared, only a few newspapers had reports such as this:
[Start Quote From Washington Times]
Kadoura Mousa Kadoura, director of Yasser Arafats Fatah movement for the
northern West Bank, told The Washington Times on Tuesday that after
receiving a
report from four Palestinian-appointed investigators, he no longer
there had been a massacre at the camp. He produced a list of 56 persons
known to
have died in Jenin.[1][End Quote From Washington Times]
The more we researched Jenin, the more we realized the media was even
information *from the Arab press* that refuted the charges against Israel
Many of the same experts being quoted against Israel regarding Jenin had
previously been quoted by the media against Serbia regarding Kosovo and
Bosnia -
or even against Armenia in its conflict with Azerbaijan![3]This
contradicted my
own view, that Israel was simply an extension of U.S. power.
Second, we saw in the mass media, especially in Europe and the Arab
as well as on a variety of antiwar Websites and among critics of the US
government, a growing campaign of anti-Semitism (in other words, not
critical of Israeli government policies.) This campaign was geographically
widespread and politically diverse. People with seemingly opposite
attacked Israel in strikingly similar ways.
Thus, in the USA, some self-proclaimed Leftists, such as the A.N.S.W.E.R.
organization, and open hatemongers such as David Duke, the former Ku Klux
leader, claimed Israel was *the main problem in the world*. [3a] Both made
amazing charge that Israel was Nazi. Last April, A.N.S.W.E.R. mobilized
people, mainly Arab Americans, for what turned into an anti-Israel rally
Washington DC. People who attended under the impression the focus would be
globalization told me the large rally was dominated by threateningly
Palestinian groups, openly celebrating the suicide bombers. The only
attacked was Israel....

John Cox
Chapel Hill, NC

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