"Emperor's Clothes" goes (even further) off deep end

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Wed Feb 19 06:56:19 MST 2003

This is amazing stuff! I can't understand how Jared can go off deep end like

the media bias towards Israel? Jared reminds me the ultra-zionist zeolots on
Lehrer's show who were claiming NY Times were harsh on Israel.

too bad Jared, too bad..!


Jared said:

> We began studying the Arab-Israeli dispute and anti-Semitism last spring.
> We had
> several reasons.
> First, we found the media coverage of the fighting in Jenin to be biased
> against
> Israel in ways reminiscent of anti-Serb media coverage in Bosnia and
> Kosovo. The
> media accepted outrageous claims (that hundreds or even thousands had been
> brutally murdered, etc.) without applying common sense skepticism.

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