Venezuelan Coup Documentary, Commentary on Anti-War Marches

Paul Moloney pmoloney1969 at
Wed Feb 19 10:23:37 MST 2003

I have been lurking away for months, due to work commitments and 
a bit of overstretching on the political front so therefore  I have been 
unable to contribute. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Louis
for sending me a copy of the James Petras document 'Imperialism 
and the Contradictions of Development'.

> For those able to get RTE1 - the documentary on the failed US-coup in 
> Venezuala is being shown on RTE1, Tuesday 18 February at 
> 22.10-23.20 hrs - True Lives: Chavez - Inside the Coup. (Kim Bartley, 
> Donncha Ó Briain)

> This appears to be the same documentary I posted about at the time 
> of the coup so will contain all that 'inside' footage e.g. proof that firing 
> was directed at Chavistas rather than from them. I will try to get people 
> to record it all around maybe then we can mail out to those with PAL 
> capacity. From the volume of emails at the time, I realise that there 
> was serious interest in getting this video - please can people forward 
> notice that it's now available as before.

> Perhaps those with influence or the ability could push their own local 
> TV stations to buy the license to show elsewhere. I wouldn't imagine 
> that it would be very costly - an indie production for RTE.

Thanks for the advance notice. I watched it last night and it was an 
amazing piece of televison. Spinetingling especially the part covering
the 12th-14th April. The bit when the parasites installed their own 
President and the 'great and the good' looked on was stomach 
churning. I urge all who get a chance to watch it. 

> The Feb 15th Demo in Dublin was very refreshing. Great to see 
> everyone together on this. Good to see some Labour banners too - 
> Michael D. Higgins no doubt embarrassed Pat Rabbitte and the new 
> leadership. The Ogra SF (Youth) banners hanging down the buildings 
> was a nice touch. Reminded me of the student protests in 
> Ya Cuba/Soi Cuba. The scale of Republican turnout could not be 
> challenged this time! I had to laugh at complaints on Irish Indymedia 
> about SF 'hypocrites' taking over an antiwar march! Clearly, 
> there will always be a few whiners.

Labour had a lot more banners than I thought they would. I think it 
is all part of their current strategy though. They were very visible 
at the last demo in Shannon as well. 
As to Irish Indymedia I wouldn't worry too much about the whinging, 
that place is a sectarian minefield.Although it is worth keeping an 
eye on to keep up to date.


> I only heard the muffles of the original speeches - poor amplification, 
> I was only a couple of hundred feet away from them. The end 
> speeches were inaudible although we heard the roars of the crowd
>  - it took us another 10 minutes to reach the end of the march. 
> By the time we had finished, there were still others in O'Connell 
> street behind us. So a massive turnout - even the Garda admitted 
> to 100,000. It might have been slightly bigger.

I would say at least 150,000. If you looked at the picture in the Irish 
Times on Monday and saw the amount of people in O'Connell Street 
in that frame and to think that the main part of the march had long
passed through I would say 150,000 was a minimum figure.

> Glad to have met (all too briefly) Paul Moloney (fellow of marxmail) 
> but missed John O'Neill both with the Irish Socialist network group. 
> I saw their banner and just went over.

It was good to meet you too. You looked as if you had your hands full.

> The story in Belfast was 25,000 marching - which is large enough, I 
> guess. Unfortunately the Union leadership (who took on its 
> organisation) did not want any political representatives at the march 
> - apparently and from good sources, they are concerned with 
> ensuring the retention of their 'loyalist' membership. Otherwise, 
> the march should have been addressed by Sinn Fein and 
> possibly the SDLP. I think it was a mistake by the TU leadership to 
> pander to sectarianism in this way although I think most Republicans 
> would be happy to give them a little lea-way in recognition of the huge 
> social and political crisis which is occuring within working-class 
> Protestant areas.

I was talking to a friend of mine who started on the feeder 
march which came down the Falls, he reckoned there was about 
2,000 on that part of the march.


I think John might have already mentioned it but I think the next step
is to increase the pressure on the use of Shannon. At the end of the 
day, Shannon is a civilian airport not a military base. 
I also concur with John and would like to see Sinn Fein play a more 
active role in the steering committee of the Irish Anti War Movement.



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