Update on Mission USA

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Wed Feb 19 15:18:58 MST 2003

Dear Friends,

With only days left before the Weapons Inspection Team departs for
Washington, D.C., tremendous excitement resonates throughout our small
office. The roster of inspectors has been confirmed. The flights and hotels
have been booked. The Defense Department has been notified of our impending
visit. A public forum has been scheduled in Washington, with the help of
Global Exchange, Code Pink, the Women's International League for Peace and
Freedom, and International ANSWER. We are counting down the hours and
finalizing details, anxious to finally witness the end result of months of

On February 22, 2003, the night before the inspection, you are invited to a
public forum in Washington, D.C. The forum, which we are coordinating with
the American partner groups mentioned above, will be held at 7:30pm at the
First Congregational Church, 945 G Street NW. The event will be an
opportunity for the inspectors to speak publicly about why they are
participating in this important mission to the United States, and for you to
discuss the issues with them. If you would like more information about this
meeting, please call 202-546-6727.

On the morning of February 23, a delegation from Rooting Out Evil will
attempt to inspect the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland. We
have sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld notifying him of
our intentions, and are awaiting a reply. You can read the letter on
www.rootingoutevil.org.  Whether we receive a response or not, we are
planning a visit to Edgewood on Sunday with international media in tow.

If you'd like to help draw attention to the inspection, we encourage you to
call the foreign desk of your local newspaper or broadcast affiliate and ask
them if they'll be covering this important event.  You can direct them to
the media relations section of our website, which features our press
releases, our letter to Donald Rumsfeld, and our contact information:


The international Inspection Team is composed of prominent Canadian,
British, American, Danish and Italian parliamentarians, scientists,
academics, faith and union leaders. The delegation includes: Libby Davies,
Member of Parliament (Canada); Christy Ferguson, Organizer and Spokesperson,
Rooting Out Evil; David Langille, Director of Public Affairs, Centre for
Social Justice; Alan Simpson, Member of Parliament (United Kingdom) and head
of Labour Party Against the War; Edward Hammond, Director, Sunshine Project;
Peter Shorett, Director of Programmes, Council for Responsible Genetics;
Samaa Elibyari, Representative, Canadian Islamic Congress; Deborah Bourque,
National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Steven Staples,
Defense Analyst, Polaris Institute; Mel Watkins, Professor Emeritus -
Economics and Political Science, University of Toronto; Francesco Martone,
Italian Senator; Graziella Mascia, Member of Parliament (Italy); Pernille
Rosenkrantz, Member of Parliament (Denmark).

We would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to all of you for your
moral and financial support - with your help we are reaching citizens and
leaders around the world with a powerful message of peace.


The Rooting Out Evil coordinating team

Kim Kerridge, Elizabeth Dove, Deborah Cook, Christy Ferguson, Larry Gordon,
David Langille, Peter Tabuns, Stephen Kerr, Sarah Treleaven, and Ritch

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