Medea Benjamin, Martin Sheen, "inspections work..."

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Wed Feb 19 15:35:30 MST 2003

Medea Benjamin was at Donahue's TV talk show
yesterday. He debated a couple right wingers making a
team with Donahue to pose a common line: "Inspections

During the debate, Medea went out of her way to defend
this line as the holding line against US imperialism. 
She said that Saddam was complying, that the rush to
war and its unilateralism was isolating the US from
the rest of the world and that a war under these
conditions would bring more terrorism upon Americans.

Donahue backed her up all the way on this discussion.
Of course, the chosen right wingers were also very
weak - I guess by Donahue's design.  I found the whole
line of argument by Medea and Donahue disgustingly one
sided in their support for the illusions opened up in
the antiwar movement in the US about the actions of
French imperialism.

In fact, during the Feb 15-16 demonstrations, there
were tons of handmade signs thanking the French
government for its antiwar stance.  I would not argue
in this list something that I assume everyone knows
about the reasons of France's stance and the fact that
their position is not at all antiwar.

Today, Martin Sheen and a number of other celebrities
launched a big media campaign to send faxes and
e-mails to the White house with the same line:
"inspections work" and we should let the few in the
Security Council decide when it is a good time for a
military intervention in Iraq.

I guess we need, as Marxists, to be bolder in putting
forward a position debating these "soft" imperialist
positions.  Otherwise, if France and Russia decide to
either vote against but not veto (which they could do)
or if they finally get around to agree based on
certain conditions to attack Iraq, the antiwar
movement will be left completely disarmed to proceed.

Worse yet, if the US is forced to accept the
French/Russian/Germany positions and change direct,
unilateral military action for certain forms of
intervention with the UN cover, the antiwar movement
will be also left without a clear direction.

I see this campaign of "inspections work" aboslutely
linked to the "win without war" which in essence is to
get the US/European goals with not use of direct
military intervention by the US.


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