INLA Gives Response to Camera Attacks

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Wed Feb 19 17:44:43 MST 2003

The Starry Plough (An Camchéachta)
February/March 2003

INLA Gives Response to Camera Attacks

Following the destruction of the spy equipment in North Belfast,
the Irish National Liberation Army explains to An Camchéachta
exclusively in an interview the actions that they were involved in
and the reasons behind those actions.

Starry Plough: Why was action taken against high-tech security
cameras in Ardoyne?

INLA: We are well aware of the sophisticated nature of the
surveillance equipment used by British intelligence services. Ardoyne
must be one of the most scrutinised areas in the world. Due to the
opposition of the local community and to the fact that the cameras
were clearly designed to spy on that whole community, we decided
after consultation with local residents directly affected to take
direct action. We destroyed three spy camera installations and
further action was taken to ensure that they did not go back up. In
fact, we have taken direct action on at least three separate
occasions against the spymasters and reserve the right to do so

SP: Who took these actions?

INLA: Units attached to the Belfast Brigade of the Irish National
Liberation Army carried out these attacks on the British
installations contrary to what elected representatives may have
claimed to the British media. We are well aware that there is a
propaganda war being waged by elements hostile to Republican
Socialism to represent our movement as somehow tainted. Let us spell
out clearly that the INLA is a disciplined revolutionary army only
interested in the defence of the people. For that reason we took

SP: Did that action have the support of the local community?

INLA: Absolutely. There was no consultation with the community or
their elected representatives about putting up cameras. So much for
the Good Friday Agreement! Some Republicans do not learn and the
British government certainly doesn't listen. Some people forget that
on the return to school of the children of Holy Cross, a day you
might expect the securocrats to monitor Loyalist child abusers, the
cameras at that point were covering only the nationalist community
and failed to pick out bigots attaching a pipe bomb device to the
most beleaguered school in Western Europe. Some security forces, some
protection for the nationalists! Our actions have the full-blooded
support of the ordinary people of Ardoyne.

SP: Do you think that armed groups should act on behalf of the
community or should they act with the people?

INLA: The INLA did not take this action lightly. Since we called our
ceasefire we have been very careful not to issue bellicose statements
or threaten mayhem. When approached about problems, we have advised
people to stand up for themselves and not expect others to do things
on their behalf. On this occasion we acted with the local community
and we would encourage that community to vigorously protest against
the Orwellian nightmare imposed by Jane Kennedy and Sgt. Alan Jones.
We are not guinea pigs to be observed by the British state. We reject
the Big Brother approach and emphatically state that those cameras
are not to uncover criminal activity but to suppress political
discontent. We applaud the people of Ardoyne for their resistance and
stand by them in opposition to British spying.

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