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At 04:34 PM 2/19/2003, John O'Neill wrote:
 >Lets be honest, the Provisional Republican Movement
 >always argued their primary goal was the unification
 >of Ireland.

Agreed.  Of course, I think Connolly and Costello both got it right when
they argued that the struggle for national liberation and the struggle for
socialism must be and are intertwined.

 >was ambiguous enough to garner support from both the left
 >and more conservative America.

Of course, in America, the standing orders to Noraid were to not mention
politics beyond basic nationalism and certainly not to talk about
socialism.  "Wave the Tricolour, eulogise the glorious dead, and take their
money" as one ex-Noraid member described it.

 >They are presently a relevant, radical political force in
 >Ireland and deserve serious analysis from the left.

I won't disagree about the relevant part, but I would take issue with
calling them radical.  They're no more radical than New Labour is in
Britain - and New Labour is probably to the left of SF on some issues.  SF
is now much more interested in achieving mainstream, bourgeois political
success than in building a radical alternative.

It's no surprise that their increased electoral success came with decreased
electoral support for the centrist SDLP, the party of the petit-bourgeoisie
- SF managed to capture the fancy of many SDLP supporters and are well on
their way to becoming the new party of the petit-bourgeoisie in the North.

That is the serious analysis from this leftist.

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