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Wed Feb 19 19:46:07 MST 2003

> Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 22:46:52 -0000
> From: "Paul Flewers" <hatchet.job at>
> Subject: Re: Blair under siege
> <When the President came in, Max said he looked totally the opposite of
> tired: he was energetic, joyful, and very focused on his talk with the
> ministers. >
> I saw Blair on the telly last night. Normally a fit-looking bloke, he looked
> haggard, pasty and exhausted, and he appeared to be shaking. He seemed to be
> in a very poor state.
> Paul F

Rumsfeld looked and sounded subdued today as well.  He mostly gave short
and equivocal answers during a press conference, often referring
reporters to the president, saying that they'd have to ask him as he set
the policy, or "those were his words," or some such.

Maybe his family back in "Old Europe" having disowned him is getting to
him... or maybe not.

- Juan

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