Thoughts on the peace rallies

viveka kaliyuga at
Wed Feb 19 20:10:55 MST 2003

Jeff wrote:
>> I'm just curious as to why the rhetoric of the Clinton administration
> worked with Milosevic but hasn't worked with Saddam.

First off, I agree with Stan that Milosevic was a victim of imperialism and
I was among a small crowd of 5,000 or so protesting the bombing of
Yugoslavia in San Francisco.   Nice to be part of a crowd 40 times that big
last weekend.

Clinton's rhetoric "worked" because he was gifted (or did he and the KLA
create?) a causus belli with the "expulsion" of thousands of Albanians from
Kosovo pictures of which blanketed the media for days.  Bush apparently has
not been granted such a windfall.

Further, it was in the interests (apparently) of our European allies to
dismantle the Yugoslav state and it may not be (certainly is not) in their
interest to do the same in Iraq so that now the French and German
recalcitrance has seriously bolstered the anti-war movement.   And I
wouldn't discount the  intelligence factor of Clinton v. the Bush camp.

The problem with Jared (about whom others have written) seems to be a
blindness where Israel is concerned, for which he is not alone in the Jewish
community.  Further, he seems to lack a  theory of imperialism that he can
apply consistently to each situation.


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