Argentina, Iraq (Spanish with a note for Anglophones)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Feb 19 20:14:16 MST 2003

>>What seems to be being floated is opposition to war, with or without the

Juan, my Spanish isn't what it used to be, but I don't quite see that in
the article:

>>fijar una posición unificada frente a Irak, que 
no esté alineada ni con los Estados Unidos ni con Francia

"aligned neither with the US nor with the position of France..." That
sounds good but...

>>que es por el momento el mayor obstáculo que tiene Washington en el
Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas para sus planes bélicos'.

"...which is the major obstacle faced by Washingto in the UN Security
Council for its war plans." This sounds like not supporting France means
not obstructing the Americans. What's more:

> embajador en Washington ... se exhibió como más cercano al belicismo
norteamericano que a las posturas antibélicas que surgen de otros sectores

"...the ambassador to Washington ... was closer to the North American
warhawks than to the anti-war postures of other official sectors."

If I've got it backwards, please correct me. :-)

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