Two arrested for posting pictures of Iraquis in NYC (National Philistine)

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Wed Feb 19 21:04:46 MST 2003

Februrary 15, 2003

(NEW YORK CITY) – Artist Emilie Clark and writer Lytle Shaw were arrested 
for posting pictures of people from Baghdad in Soho late Thursday night. 
Both have been released. A court date has been set to prosecute the two for 
showing New York City the people who will die in a possible war against Iraq.

Clark and Shaw were members of the Baghdad Snapshot Action Crew. Based in 
New York City, the crew of 75 artists and activists began posting simple 
flyers with pictures of ordinary Iraqi citizens around New York City,
in anticipation and solidarity of the February 15th anti-war rally.

The pictures were taken by artist Paul Chan, who recently returned from 
Baghdad as a member of the Iraq Peace Team, a project of the Chicago based, 
Nobel Peace Prize nominated activist group, Voices in the Wilderness.

Clark and Shaw were taping the letter sized flyer on a lamppost at the 
corner of Mercer and Prince Streets when three undercover policemen 
arrested them. They were charged with criminal misdemeanors. Shaw was 
released after five and a half hours. Clark spent seven hours in jail 
before her release. Clark is pregnant with her first son, and is expecting 
this Spring.

The arrests were a clear attempt by the police to intimidate New Yorkers to 
stay away from the protest. “If there wasn't a march on Saturday we 
wouldn't have been arrested.,” Shaw said. While in custody, police harassed 
Clark and Shaw with talk about how dangerous the rally will be. “They kept 
saying how mace was going to be used on all the protesters,” Clark said. 
“And then they said they had heard suicide bombers might attack the rally.”

What was most disturbing to Shaw was how the cops tried to justify their 
actions against the two. "They tried to appeal to us sentimentally," Shaw 
said, "as though the repression they were enacting was really in our best 

"They wanted to send a message that we should stay home because it [the 
protest] was dangerous, and they didn't want to see us hurt."

The court date is set for March 13.

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