OSU USG Passes Anti-War Resolution

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Dan Ramos
USG Senator
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Chris Hempfling
Speaker of the USG Senate
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The Ohio State University Undergraduate Student Government Senate
Passes Anti-War Resolution

Columbus, Ohio -- At 8:30 PM today The Ohio State University's
Undergraduate Student Government Senate passed a resolution calling
for a peaceful solution to the conflict with Iraq, and condemning an
unprovoked attack on Baghdad and the Iraqi people.

In the previous USG Senate session on Wednesday, February 12, a
similar anti-war resolution was not voted on by the USG Senate
because senators cited a lack of student support.

Following a flood of phone calls and e-mails from students supporting
the resolution, the primary sponsor of the resolution, Senator Dan
Ramos, reintroduced a revised version of the anti-war resolution and
again asked the USG Senate to consider the proposal.

At today's USG Senate meeting on Wednesday, February 19, over 30
students in support of the anti-war proposal attended the meeting and
engaged the senators in a discussion lasting nearly two hours.  One
student and several senators opposed to the resolution also voiced
their concerns, and helped to round out a vigorous, balanced
discussion on the issue.

Following the lengthy dialogue, the USG Senate voted to pass the
resolution with 12 senators in favor, four opposed, and four
abstaining.  Per requirements of the resolution, letters to key
decision makers in the White House and the U.S.  Senate will be
delivered notifying them of the decidedly strong opposition to war of
the students of The Ohio State University, and urging our leaders to
take a more peaceful course of action to disarm Saddam Hussein and to
resolve the conflict by means other than war.

Text of the approved resolution 35-R-30, entitled "USG Stands Against
Unprovoked War With Iraq," is available upon request, and follows

USG Stands Against Unprovoked War With Iraq (35-R-30)

Whereas, The Undergraduate Student Gov't represents over 40,000
students from all across America and the World, and,

Whereas, The Ohio State University (OSU) community by its very nature
is a part of the world community, and,

Whereas, As members of the American and Global Community and as
members of academia we have a right and responsibility to stand for
or against certain actions taken within those communities,

Whereas, Pres. GW Bush has made it clear that he is, at the very
least, considering an unprovoked attack against the sovereign nation
of Iraq although said nation has not attacked the sovereign soil of
the US or its overseas territories, dependencies or those of the
allies of the US, and,

Whereas, such an attack would likely have far reaching effects and
precedents around the world which could very well hurt the US
standing as a leader in the world, discredit and nullify wholly or
partially such international organizations at the UN and NATO strain
US diplomatic ties in Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, and
Asia, and even set a dangerous precedent which could give nations the
"right" to pursue unprovoked wars against other sovereign nations
including but not limited to the allies of the US as well as the US
itself, and,

Whereas, Such an attack would have far-reaching negative effects upon
Americans in general such as the greater likelihood of terrorist
activity from Iraq if Saddam feels cornered and from radical
fundamentalist groups who may construe such an attack as an attack on
Islam, and,

Whereas, Such an attack in the Middle East on the nation with the
second largest oil reserves in the world would send gas prices
skyrocketing, hurting the all ready tight budgets of college students
at OSU and elsewhere, making it harder for them to [Travel] due to
higher costs of transportation,

Whereas, The estimated cost of war has been projected upwards of $200
billion, which very well could put a strain on an already strained
system of educational subsidies by the Federal Gov't as well as
causing harm to the work study program, Pell Grants, and student
loans, and,

Whereas, The Undergraduate Student Gov't at OSU is proud of the
fighting men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line
to secure freedom as well as those who have all ready done so, and,

Whereas, Many reservists may be called into active service having to
forgo their educational opportunities and may loose credit for
classes in progress, and,

Whereas, Many of the fighting peoples are of the same traditional age
as many of the members of the Ohio State Community and indeed many
members of our community are also members of the Armed Services, as
such they are our brothers and sisters, our cousins, our boyfriends
and girlfriends, our wives and our husbands, and,

Whereas, Over 6,000,000 people all over the world in cities and
villages on all 6 inhabited continents of the world came together on
Saturday, February 15, 2003, to ask the American and British gov'ts
along with the coalition of the willing to give the inspectors time
and give peace a chance, and,

Whereas, members of the OSU community participated in such friendly
rallies in various places around the US, and,

Whereas, Precedent has been set for a student gov't taking a stance
on this issue by such schools including, but not limited to, The
University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, and The University of

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, That the Undergraduate Student
Government of The Ohio State University stands against an unprovoked
invasion and war with Iraq,

Furthermore Let It Be Resolved, That upon passage this Resolution
shall be sent to The President of the United States, Members of
Congress, and any and all other Federal Government Officers deemed
involved in making decisions of this nature.


Eddie Pauline
USG President

Chris Hempfling
Speaker of the USG Senate

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