thoughts on peace rallies

Ben Courtice benj at
Thu Feb 20 04:57:03 MST 2003

As I've said before, I think the democratic illusion in the UN is a kind
of masked antiwar sentiment for many; or it could develop into that.
They hope the UN will produce a fairer/humaner outcome than the US

This democratic aspiration is all well and good as far as it goes, but
many workers had a similar faith in the Social-Democratic and Labour
parties in 1914, and look where that got them.

But the UN is plainly undemocratic: the security council is held hostage
by the imperialist powers, and the General Assembly is happily ignored
by the imperialists. This may not be widely appreciated, but events may
change that.

If the UN ends up endorsing a war I don't really think it will destroy
the antiwar movement; it may however damage the credibility of the UN.
At least I hope that's the case. The big Melbourne anti-war rally last
Friday seemed to agree that war is bad whatever the UN says about it.

I hear that the March 5 students' anti-war strike is building itself
much faster than we could, with organising at over 50 highschools around
Melbourne plus all the University campuses and many TAFE (tech college)
campuses. Yippee.

Ben Courtice

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