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Been reading Juan F.´s and Tom O´L.´s contributions on the release.

Both Juan and Tom are right _and_ wrong. But it is not their fault. They 
have been caught in the slimy terrain of Argentinean media and media 

Let us begin by the only dignified character in this whole mess. is an Internet press agency that has been mounted by 
Emilio Corbiere, an Argentinean Socialist journalist who belongs to the 
Left wing within the root of the Old Socialist party (a "leftist 
reformist", if you prefer). He is also a permanent flirter with the 
national camp, and a friend of mine. Emilio is also working for Prensa 
Latina, and -a piece of friendly gossip- his French sounding family name 
is, actually, French. He comes down from an old Communard of the many 
who migrated to Buenos Aires after the fall of the Parisian Commune. 
Thus, he is a pacifist and sometimes he can be a little bit naive when 
it comes to Peronists.

_Clarín_ is the largest multimedia in Argentina. They have launched 
themselves in support of Duhalde, to the degree of moral revulsion. 
Thus, they present an image of a "progressive" Duhalde, a "working" 
economy, a "non alligned" Presidency, and so on. Whatever they say is 
simply false.

Duhalde, and on this he is better than Menem (oh, great feat!) attempts 
to align Argentina behind the United States, but without arousing the 
extended anti-imperialist feelings that have taken root in the mass of 
the people. Thus, he follows a "middle course" policy whereby he tries 
to present a "peaceful" solution while promising support for 
"humanitarian reconstruction".  That the President of a country where 
the toll of children who die of hunger grows day after day will promise 
"humanitary reconstruction" to Irak is anything but funny.

The Duhalde-Clarín-Corbiere piece sounds thus _both_ against and for 
agression on Irak.

Hope made things neater, not fuzzier.



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