Some issues of international law and genocide

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Thu Feb 20 17:00:32 MST 2003


All of this is addressed in the Blackfoot Indictment and the supplementary
materials to which it refers. We did not ask for anyone's agreement only to
attest that the arguments were either compelling or at least not frivolous
and worthy of consideration.

I have said over and over we have other intentions in mind beyond this Court
in Alberta. You know I have given speeches all over to various leftist
crowds and one thing I always ask is how many have read the 1948 UN
Convention on Genocide? Almost invariably, no or only a few hands go up
(among people who routinely use the word genocide). If you haven't read that
international convention or indeed haven't read our Indictment, then please
read them first before passing on these issues impressionistically.

This is an invitation for support; if you cannot support us, we do
understand. Your theorizing without having read some of the essential
arguments and the basis for them we do not need. It is clear you know
nothing about the history of Treaty 7. Please read up on it before
speculating or arbitrarily theorizing.

Thank you,

Jim Craven

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