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Jose G. Perez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 20 17:57:13 MST 2003

>>It's the result of the breakthrough in military technology, which has
given the US the capacity to wage war from safe distances at much less
cost in blood and treasure to itself. The new high-tech weaponry thus
serves as an an incentive to launch wars for reasons other than

Actually, I think this flips cause and effect.

U.S. military doctrinne has been reshaped as a result of the imperialist
defeat in Vietnam, and particularly the human side of it, the disintegration
of the U.S. army in the field.

Based on that, the U.S. rulers concluded that they could no longer count on
an actual infantry force in fighting, at least in the Third World, and
instead began relying on ever more indiscriminate application of firepower.

It is not high tech weaponry that serves as an incentive to launch wars for
reasons other than self defense; it is the desire to launch imperialist wars
while not awakening the resistance of the American people, and with it the
danger of another collapse of the fighting effectiveness of the American
armed forces, that has led to the development of high tech weapons.

How effective and how much these weapons are used we'll have to see.
Contrary to the impression created by the media, which allowed itself to be
spun like a top during the Gulf War, very few people realize a) the
incredible tonnage of bombs dropped during the Gulf War and b) That this was
overwhelmingly, on the order of 85-90 percent, "dumb iron" bombs.

Right now the U.S. propagandists have unleashed what is clearly a FUD
campaign around DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). These would supposedly
generate such high pulses of electro-magnetic interference that it would
destroy every last piece of electronic equipment in sight and out of sight
but not harm people.

The effect has been known for decades. An atom bomb, especially if detonated
high in the atmosphere, would do it. However, transforming that effect into
a conventional weapon is something else again. If the pulse isn't shaped to
project in a certain direction, but rather allowed to spread naturally, the
intensity will drop off  as a function of the square of the distance to the
source. Even an atom bomb at ground level has an effective "kill range" of
electronic equipment roughly comparable to its shock and heat kill range, so
you can see the quantities of electricity required are considerable.

Delivering the amount of electricity required, even for a microsecond, to
feed an effective electromagnetic pulse weapon is not trivial. Doing so in a
portable device is even more of a challenge, especially since the weapon is
likely to knock out all the electronics of whatever is carrying it.
Supposedly, the claim is that these weapons will be deployed against Iraq in
cruise missiles. If so, it means the Pentagon will have solved a great
number of technical problems, and all one has to do is acquire one of these
cruise missiles before it crashes or explodes to get a real good start on
developing your own version of it. And no military force on the planet is as
vulnerable to them as the American army.

Somehow, it all just doesn't add up, but we'll see.

At any rate, the new antiwar movement has thrown a wrench into the war
maker's calculations. Their cynicism and egoism led them to think the people
would not protest unless body bags were coming home by the score. Now they
have to contend with an antiwar movement even before the main offensive is


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