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> Hope made things neater, not fuzzier.

Nestor, bromeas?

I had a feeling that the Argentine gov't was playing both side --hawkish
in Washington and reasonable for the home crowd.

Moreover, I almost laughed out loud at the suggestion that Argentine
govt's have had a tradition of nonintervention in other nations'
internal affairs, in part due to the Gulf War, but also because Plan
Condor, and involvement in supporting juntas in the course of several
Central American conflicts in the 1980s, selling weapons to Ecuador
during its recent war with Peru, etc. speak against any such "tradition."

In any case, I was thinking today that if Duhalde is trying to gather
support for an anti-war stance among his fellow heads of state in the
region, he'll have a hard row to plough.   Peru's Toledo for sure would
back the US, as I suspect would Panama's president.  Those of the other
Central American countries would either support the US or quietly refuse
to sign on to any position that opposed it.    The economic stakes are
too high, as Venezuela's experience has shown.

The only ones who could openly defy Washington are those with the
economic clout to do so, or who are too necessary to the US --Mexico,
Brazil, Chile.   The Andean Pact could do so if it united but that is so
unlikely as to be science fiction, what with Chile applying to join
NAFTA, Colombia being entirely reliant on US military aid for its
survival as a state, Peru being governed by a neoliberal bootlicker,
Ecuador feeling too vulnerable between its larger neighbors to risk
doing without Uncle Sam's aegis, and Bolivia mired in crisis and rebellion.

Maybe, just maybe, the OAS may make some noises in the peace direction,
but since when has the US listened to the OAS?

- Juan

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