MTV, BET, and the war

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Thu Feb 20 23:12:54 MST 2003

> Lastly, MTV reported the results of their poll on the
> war: only 19% of the youth they asked support the war
> (without UN backing). For me, this attests to the
> intuitive progressive and critical nature of young
> people, even if we get a bad rap these days. Gives me
> just a little more hope.
> Derek

The media around the Bay Area has had a few articles in which the
participation of teenagers in the antiwar movement is prominently
mentioned, and a couple in which it has been the subject itself.  Of
course there comes acrosss some surprise at their precociousness, as
well as implying 1) that they don't care about the bigger issues, they
just don't their boyfriends to get drafted, and 2) the antiwar movement
is targetting them because they are impressionable and unsophisticated.

However, that level of participation and polls like that which Derek
cites *are* surprising, and ENCOURAGING, when one considers that for
anyone younger than a college sophomore there is no "before" the present
situation.  For all of their lives, since they have  been able to be
aware of such things, Saddam Hussein has been public enemy #1 (until
Osama, that is).  In their memory and experience there have been no
other "enemies" --no USSR, no PLO, no Khaddafi, no Hizb'allah, no
Ayatollah, no Abu Nidal, no Bader Meinhof, no Noriega, no one but Iraq and Saddam.

That after a lifetime of indoctrination, after Sept. 11th, after all
that, that they can stand up and say to those in power, to the
President, to his cabinet members, to the media --"We don't believe you.
What you are proposing is wrong and we do not consent and we will not go
along with it."-- is simply amazing.

-   juan f.

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