Some issues of international law and genocide

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Fri Feb 21 05:29:46 MST 2003

And the undersigned Blackfeet, Blood, Peigan and Sarcee Head Chiefs and
Minor Chiefs, and Stoney Chiefs and Councillors, on their own behalf and on
behalf of all other Indians inhabiting the Tract within ceded, do hereby
solemnly promise and engage to strictly observe this Treaty, and also to
conduct and behave themselves as good and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the


CB, esquire : In addition to Jim Craven's discussion of this, there may be
arguments for Bella Yellowhorn regarding the basic invalidation of this ole
agreement or treaty to become part of the British empire and derivatively
Canada because of duress on the Indigneous sisters and brothers,Blackfoot,
by the force of arms that the invading goddamn Europeans ( British ) and
their goddamn queen imposed. It is basic in law that duress vitiates a
contract or agreement ,treaty,  that is dependent upon a meeting of minds ,
free wills, for its validity.

Fraud can also invalidate an agreement or treaty. The usurping invaders were
big time liars regarding material facts of the treaty , no doubt.  I'm
certain of that.

There was also probably a failure of meeting of the minds because one party
understood the deal to involve a private property regime and the other's
culture involved a communal concept of property with respect to land
especially.( CB, MA ethnology).

( Note the treaty mispells the Blackfoot name as "Blackfeet";this indicates
that the Blackfoot didn't agree; the BlackFOOT didn't agree to anything like
this; this is an agreement with the nonexistent BlackFEET)

Free the land !

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