Malcolm X's teachings are valid today

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Fri Feb 21 10:47:55 MST 2003

Today is the anniversary of the assination of Malcolm X,
one of the greatest fighters every for social justice, first
of all for Black people, and beyond that for all people.

As always, the best way to understand Malcolm X
is to listen to him explaining them in his own words.
There have been important changes in the world in
the intervening decades, but his ideas, teachings
and ways of looking at life retain their validity today.

Today it might be best to listen to the final speech
which is easily available on the internet: the talk he
gave in Detroit, Michigan February 14, 1965. This
and many other speeches are available at this site:

Malcolm continues teaching and educating all who
are open to looking past our diseducation system,
such as Gil Scott-Heron who wrote this about him:

If Malcolm were with us today I'm sure he'd be one
of the first to protest against the arrest of Professor
Sami Al-Arian yesterday in Florida, charged by the
Bush administration with

Historian Robin D.G. Kelley wrote this entry for the
Encyclopedia Africana which is available online:

Malcolm's image continues to inspire those fighting
for a better world. Most recently, at the world-wide
anti-war mobilizations, International A.N.S.W.E.R.
used Malcolm's image on T-shirts and posters so
he continues to be active in today's struggle. See
a photo of the poster

Malcolm's speeches are in print via Pathfinder:

Pacifica Radio's DEMOCRACY NOW is featuring
a segment today with excerpts from his famous
THE BALLOT OR THE BULLET. Pacifica is also
offering a six-CD set of speeches, mostly by him,
for a $175.00 contribution to its fund drive. Since
Pacifica is the only place on the radio dial where
we can hear the words of Malcolm X broadcast
now, this package, while expensive in itelf, is at
the same time a fine contribution to this extremely
valuable alternative news source.


Walter Lippmann

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