Hardt Is A Fucking Asshole

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Fri Feb 21 14:02:45 MST 2003


"It is unfortunate but inevitable that much of the energies that
had been active in the globalisation protests have now at least
temporarily been redirected against the war."

I thought I was ripshit when I saw Lerner clucking and crowing about
"anti-Semitism" in a war that will incinerate tens of thousands of Arab
Muslims all over again, but this definitely takes the cake.

Hardt's main complaint throughout the whole piece is that this great
movement, this massive, worldwide, bold mobilization, does not
correspond to all his bullshit about "globalization" this and
"globalization" that. What a pity, imperialism's war plans are
interfering with Hardt's fantasy vision, and--what's worse--global
justice activists are wasting their time trying to stop the war machine.

Fuck Hardt. Let him conduct his mental masturbation in his proverbial
porn shop of "Cultural Studies" or wherever the hell else. We have a war
to oppose.

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