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Derek S. derektheredrebel at
Sat Feb 22 09:43:52 MST 2003

--- Patrick Bond <pbond at> wrote:
> No, this isn't good enough. I'm getting pissed off
> by the juvenile
> approach you comrades are taking to a challenge
> that, right now to be frank,
> the marxist left is losing: the hearts and minds of
> radical activists.

If you're worried about turning off newly radicalized
students who have been seduced by Hardt, it's not as
if I (or Juniad or Louis, from what I know of them) am
going to go up to one and start bashing him in the
exact rough (but accurate) way Junaid did. I'd like to
think we'd try to explain our differences in a mature
manner and try to convince them by appealing to their
sense of judgement.

This is a list that is overwhelmingly composed of
marxists who are not so green as a newly revved-up
student radical though, and know about the differences
on the left already and can dicuss them frankily. If
someone like Junaid wants to vent his frustration to a
community of cothinkers on this list, I'm all for it,
as long as he still makes a coherent argument and
doesn't attack any listmembers personally.

I'm pretty angry that this well known, hot shot
intellectual is trying to discredit the anti-war
movement. I think it (the anti-war movement) is one of
the most amazing political developments I've ever
seen. His critique is utterly superficial and
dangerous (for the victims of imperialism), and I can
only explain this to myself by agreeing with Louis and
Junaid that he's trying to keep his theory nice and
tidy in the face of its real world refutation.

Any self-proclaimed marxist who sees the new antiwar
movement as something that doesn't fit into his/her
plan deserves some harsh treatment among marxists, I


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