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John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Sat Feb 22 18:32:47 MST 2003

I write this in order to get some concrete, short
answers and links to works or writings in the
internet.  If you have anything that can help me you
can either post them here or send me a private e-mail.
 This is not an intended thread for discussion but a
request for information:

1. Does anyone has a link to studies or information
about the global rate of profits... Statistics,

2. Does anyone has info or links to studies that
relates the global rate of profit and globalization?
Statistics, fluctuations, branches of the economy?

3. Does anyone has links to studies and/or articles
dealing with the effects of the collapse of the Soviet
Union to the capitalist economy in terms of markets,
rate of profit ...?

4. Does anyone has links to articles/studies -
preferable with statistics and fluctuations - of the
relationship of Africa - as a continent - with the
global market, rate of profits of capitalism, etc?

5. Does anyone has links to articles/studies in the
relationship of privatizations and taxation (or rather
tax cuts) to the increase of the rate of profit?

I would certainly appreciate the info.  I read
material about these issues, but they are all
outdated.  I'm looking for resources dated in the last
10 years or so...


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