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Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> writes:

> >Ok, what binds all the concrete political-economic questions together? I
> >don't know, but I suspect combined and uneven development is the answer,
> >depending upon what that means at any given time. Hardt/Negri don't do that
> >yet, but it may simply be because our team hasn't done such a good job of
> >putting a definitive story out there.
> Patrick, I don't think the outburst over Hardt's is just about whether
> he failed to put together a convincing analysis of the world economic
> system. Rather it seems about his pique over a war in Iraq getting in
> the way of his political agenda.

I'm inclined to leave Hardt himself out of this, since I take his work
as an expression of a liberal ideology expanded to a world scale.  His
washed out academic-radical rhetoric will keep him alienated from most
of the world, save the educated and philosophically inclined
petit-bourgeois.  No revolutionary party or force will come from that
ideological trend -- how do you formulate a revolutionary thought from
the dead men of the academic institutions of imperialist nations?  It
must continually rehabilitate itself to deal with the changing
conditions, and that is Hardt's job, literally.

This is not just Hardt's pique over the bypassing of his political
agenda.  The anti-war movement threatens the project of
institutionalized (press, radio, univerity) liberalism in the
imperialist nations.  As people become more educated on the issues in
the Middle East and elsewhere they recognize the UN, WTO, and IMF for
the mechanisms of mediated colonialism they are, and how quickly they
will be cast away when a gross imbalance in military or economic power
presents itself. The liberal's dream of their social institutions
being "globalized" as a mediator of capital isn't selling.

The anti-war movement is the logical result of a transformation in the
anti-globalization movement when US Imperialism revealed its intention
to jettison any semblance of mediation thru liberal multi-lateral
institutions.  It now must recognize that any international foreplay
in the UN Security Council is a distraction.  The coalition of the
willing is built thru bribery and blackmail.  I believe a large part
of the anti-war movement, podium and street, are beginning to
understand this, if they don't already.

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