New KPFA Radio show on Disability Rights 'Pushing Limits'

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sun Feb 23 08:38:26 MST 2003

Hello All,
Starting in late April on Wednesday Afternoons at 2pm, San Francisco Bay
Area radio station KPFA will broadcast 'Pushing Limits' made by the Pushing
Limit Collective.  94.1 FM on the Radio dial.  One of our first broadcasts
will feature Marta Russell former Marxism participant on disabled prisoners.
Marxism list member Doyle Saylor will examine Web Accessibility for disabled
people, and Disability and the Arts.  Other programs by the collective will
look at Iraq and disability and the War, Paratransit, Housing for disabled
people, employment for disabled people, Anti-disabled people movements
centered around ethicists like Peter Singer, disability and sexuality, etc.
This program is an on-going news and analysis program aimed at giving a
voice to serious disabled rights, economic analysis on an in-depth level,
and an organizing tool.  Further information periodically posted.
Doyle Saylor

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