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Actually, Exploratorium director Maurice Bauzin, one of the
implementers of 'ethnomathematics' and a collaborator of Freire's in
Brazil, would be a good person to contact. When I was teaching high
school science, he and I corresponded a bit regarding a Freirian
approach to science education.


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>Thanks Louis for posting the article on ethnomathematics...Some of us who
>work with Paulo Freire's ideas are very much interested in ethnomathematics
>and critical mathematics. While I don't have much of a background in
>ethnomathematics, or critical mathematics for that matter,   a Brasilian
>professor (who lives in Norway) who is auditing one of my classes at UCLA
>and who is working in the area of critical mathematics (not the same as
>ethnomath but related)  will find the article of no small value.   The
>leading critical math person in the US (in my opinion) is Marilyn
>Frankenstein at U of Mass, Boston.  Many thanks again,

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