The decline of politically-engaged theatre

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Mon Feb 24 14:34:47 MST 2003

M. Junaid Alam wrote 24 February 2003 21:15:
> Man that Brenner Bird and Fortune bit was bloody hilarious. I wish we
> had something like that in the States; all I see when I turn on the TV
> is the wolves of Fox News.

Very glad you liked it !!!  Latest news is that Blair has had another
conflab with the Archbishop of Canterbury (who is against the war) and has
agreed to a two-day debate in Parliament with some motion (no wording yet
releasaed) along the lines of the new resolution his ambassador is entering
to the Security Council (Bush can't even do that without help from our
puppet Prime minister....)

Nothing to do with war, says Robin Cook, Parliament will have a further
opportunity to discuss that later !!!!  Well, well - what a loada crap.

To paraphrase Bush - if parliament gives the OK to Blair (as it surely
will - tho' I, for one, will be working hard on e-mails to as many MPs as
possible] it will completely undermine the authority of Parliament with the
British people.

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