HTML bouncings

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Mon Feb 24 19:43:37 MST 2003

> Could I get some clarity please on how this happens; I had the same
> problem with about four messages. It's never happened to me with any
> list postings before. How does it occur?  Tahir


one of the problems here is that many email applications now switch to
using HTML formatted text by default, so that you may not even know
your post is going out formatted that way.

now your email headers suggest you are using Novell Groupwise to send
email. your best bet is to get one of the system administrators to
show you the proper settings for sending plain text.

But here is a page with instructions for sending in plain text: 2/3 of
the way down you will find Novell Groupwise...

also, explicit directions along with pictures on page 26 of this

les schaffer

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