Zimbabwe Leader Strikes out at US/UK Imperialists

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Tue Feb 25 03:31:20 MST 2003

Mugabe Attacks Big Brother World of Bush and Blair
Tue February 25, 2003 03:31 AM ET
By Chris Johnson
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe launched a
blistering attack on the United States and Britain Tuesday, accusing them of
creating a world where powerful Big Brother states imposed their will on
weaker ones.
Speaking at a summit of the 116-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Mugabe
said President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were imperialists
who wanted to impose a new form of colonialism on developing countries.
Mugabe is under fire from the West over the alleged rigging of an election
last year and the persecution of political foes as well as the seizure of
white-owned farms for landless blacks.
"Bush and Blair have apparently developed similar war-like dispositions
deriving from similar ideologies of new imperialism," Mugabe told the
"The United States, awakened to the implications of being the sole
superpower, joined by Britain as a born-again colonialist, and other Western
countries have turned themselves into fierce hunting bulldogs raring to go,
as they sniff for more blood, Third World blood."
Mugabe said his position in Zimbabwe was more legitimate than that of Bush
in the United States.
Bush, he said, had only become president after the very close U.S. elections
in 2000 because the U.S. Supreme Court, "dominated by Republican judges"
imposed him as winner of the polls.
"And is it not ironical that Mr. Bush who was not really elected should deny
my legitimacy, the legitimacy of President Mugabe, established by many
observer groups from Africa and the Third World. Who, in these
circumstances, should the world impose sanctions on? Robert Mugabe or George

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