Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at
Tue Feb 25 06:49:28 MST 2003

While the FAQ section on the marxmail
website isn't half bad, Louis P. posted
a rather good reading list to a.p.s.t.
awhile back, which included the following
(I can endorse three of these unconditionally):

1. CLR James "Black Jacobins"
2. Mike Davis "Prisoners of the American Dream"
3. Perry Anderson "Lineages of the Absolutist State"
4. Kees van der Pijl "Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class"
5. Sidney Mintz "Sweetness and Power"
6. Celso Furtado "Economic Development of Latin America"
7. T. J. Clark "The Painting of Modern Life"
8. Aijaz Ahmad "In Theory"
9. Robert Williams "Export Agriculture and the Crisis in Central
10. Jon Halliday "A Political History of Japanese Capitalism"

Maybe a list like this, or a suitably updated one,
could also be posted to the website.  Sam Pawlett
also has a little reading list under the section
"Historical Materialism," but again, it's not very

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