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Thursday 1st May 2003
9.30 - 5.00
School of Education Foundations & Policy Studies
University of London
20 Bedford Way, London WC1

Convened by:
Tony Green (University of London, Institute of Education), and
Glenn Rikowski (University College Northampton)


Professor Rachel Sharp (formerly Macquarie University)
Capitalist Globalisation: Education and the Relative Autonomy of the State

Professor Michael Peters (Glasgow University)
Education as Knowledge Capitalism: A Poststructural-Marxist Critique

David Harvie (Nottingham Trent University)
Academic Labour: Producing Value and Producing Struggles

Geraldine Thorpe and Pat Brady (London Metropolitan University)
The Transitional Epoch: The Context of Education

Dave Hill (University College Northampton)
Education, Class and Capital in the Epoch of Neo-liberal Globalisation

Paul Warmington (University of Nottingham)
Popular Press, Visible Value: How debates on exams and student debt have
unmasked the commodity relations of the learning society

Glenn Rikowski (University College Northampton)
That Other Great Class of Commodities: Labour-Power - as spark for
re-igniting Marxist educational theory

The Seminar is Free, but places are limited and you will require an
Entry Ticket.

To reserve a place, please contact Glenn Rikowski at: rikowski at

Some responses to the first "Marxism and Education: Renewing Dialogues"
Seminar (22nd October 2002, Institute of Education)...

Great seminar today! (Jane Kelly, e-mail 22nd October)

Thanks for organising such an excellent day of discussion! (Corrina
Lotz, e-mail 22nd October)

I thought the meeting was rather good. I was pleasantly surprised in
fact. The main thing was there was a forum where you could speak freely
without having to tailor your contribution to the discourse of
discourse, economic development, or whatever is the usual ostensible
subject of academic conferences. (Patrick Ainley, e-mail 22nd October)

Thanks for organising it and putting these ideas back on the map. What
next? (Mark Kirby, e-mail 22nd October)

Thank you very much for organising a very, very inspiring event.  A lot
of food for thought ... (Miriam Mareso, e-mail 22nd October)

Thanks for a really great day. Very stimulating and provocative...
(Victoria Perselli, e-mail 23rd October)

Great Conference yesterday! (Dave Hill, e-mail 23rd October)

Thank you for organising such an interesting (and inspiring) seminar
yesterday. (Hilary Povey, e-mail 23rd October)

Many other positive responses were received by e-mail and postcard.

Glenn Rikowski - author of The Battle in Seattle: Its Significance for
Education (Tufnell Press, 2001) and co-editor (with Dave Hill, Peter
McLaren and Mike Cole) of Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational
Theory (Lexington Books, 2002).


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