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LAW report on a disturbing incidentForwarded from Moshé Machover



 Child forced to dress as a suicide bomber and filmed. LAW asks why

19 February 2003

On December 25 last year, 'Abd al-Haq Ramzi (14), an American citizen, was
studying in his family home in Nablus, alone. At around 3 pm, the doorbell
rang. Ramzi looked through the window to see who was at the door. He saw
an Israeli soldier, and became afraid. He didn't answer the door. The
soldier began banging violently on the door, and so Ramzi then opened it.

The soldier told Ramzi not to be afraid, and began looking through the
home. He told Ramzi not to lock the door. Later on, another seven soldiers
entered, one of them masked.

The masked soldier asked the child if he was 'Abd al-Haq Ramzi. Ramzi
answered in the affirmative. He was then blindfolded, handcuffed and
forced on the ground. The house was then searched.

The soldiers returned and took off Ramzi's blindfold. They forced him to
sit on a couch, hung up on the wall behind him a Palestinian flag, took
the caches out of their weapons and also put them behind him. Another
soldier bought forward a table and put hand bombs on it. Another soldier
put a pistol on the table, gave him an M16  to hold after taking out its
cache, and put a Qur'an in his left hand. He was then forced to pretend to
pray. The soldiers gave him a paper and told him to pretend he was reading.

Ramzi was then given a bandanna with the al-Aqsa Martyrs insignia (a
militia connected to Fatah). A soldier told him to repeat everything he
had done on camera. Ramzi noticed that another soldier had a video camera.

After being beaten again, blindfolded, handcuffed, Ramzi was taken to the
entrance of his home, where a soldier threatened to kill him and his
family if he told anybody what happened. He was then taken in a patrol
car, driven around and thrown out again.

LAW's lawyer Mahmoud Jabarin is following up this incident. LAW is
demanding to know why a child was put under such psychological and
physical abuse and distress; what the soldiers' intentions were in forcing
the child to dress as a suicide bomber; why the soldiers were allowed to
act with such impunity; and shall demand disciplinary measures be taken
against the soldiers involved.

LAW - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the
Environment, PO Box 20873, Jerusalem, tel. +972-2-5833530, fax. +972-2-
5833317, law at,


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