US Allies in the MidEast: IDF Mutilates Palestinian Victims

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Israeli Soldiers Mutilate Bodies of Palestinian Victims

Tuesday, February 25 2003 @ 11:36 PM GMT

NABLUS - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed four more Palestinians
in a renewed assault on various areas in the occupied Palestinian
territory, raising the death toll to over thirty-eight in one week.

In the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian medical sources said a
Palestinian man died of a heart attack early Monday in Balata refugee
camp, after Israeli occupation soldiers forced him and his family out in
the cold, while they demolished their house before their eyes.

Mohammad Msemi, 52, was woken up before dawn by IOF soldiers coming to
detain his son Iyad.

When the soldiers realized that Iyad was not there, they told the family
to get out of the house, witnesses said.

When Msemi went back inside and saw the damage done to his home, he
suffered a heart attack and died instantly, they added.

A Palestinian civilian was also killed by IOF in the northern West Bank
town of Tulkarem Sunday, Palestinian security officials said.

The man was identified as Moayed Salameh, 24; a worker who was driving
close to the border with Israel when IOF troops ordered him to stop then
opened fire at him and killed him instantly, the officials said.

Another Palestinian civilian was killed earlier Sunday in an Israel tank
raid on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll
from the incursion to seven, Palestinian medics said.

He was identified as Baraa al-Afeefi, 16, who was hit by a bullet in the
chest and died in the hospital several hours later, medics said.

Israeli Soldiers Mutilate Bodies of Palestinian Victims

Meanwhile, the director of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Mu'awia Abu
Hassanein, said the bodies of the two Palestinians killed earlier by IOF
in Beit Hanoun, identified as Abu Shara and Garbawi, had been mutilated
by the Israeli occupation soldiers, and said it was possible the men had
been still alive when their throats were stabbed.

He said both men had been shot but also had "deep stab wounds on the
neck." He said Abu Shara had also had his eyes "cut out" and that his
skull was smashed.

The Jazeera Satellite Television on Monday screened a footage showing
Israeli soldiers mutilating the body of at least one Palestinian,
apparently using axes and large knifes.

Five other Palestinians were killed in the reoccupation of the town,
while another was killed trying to infiltrate an illegal Jewish
settlement in southern Gaza.

A 16-year-old Palestinian teenager was also killed in the southern Gaza
Strip Sunday, Palestinian medical officials said.

Palestinian medics said Mahmoud Abu Zaher, 16, was shot dead and two
other youths were injured when IOF opened fire on the nearby town of
Khan Younis.

IOF also destroyed a Palestinian house in Khan Younis, which it claimed
was being used to monitor movements in the neighboring illegal Jewish
settlement bloc of "Gush Katif".

IOF Detain Palestinian Cameraman

The Israeli occupation army on Sunday detained a Palestinian cameraman
working for the British news agency Reuters in the Gaza Strip during a
deadly Israeli incursion in the area, Reuters officials here said.

IOF soldiers detained Ahmed al-Khatib, 34, after checking his identity
papers while he was covering the situation on the ground in the northern
Gaza town of Beit Hanoun.

An Israeli army spokesman claimed Khatib was accused of involvement in
"terrorist activities" without giving any details.

Reuters said it had sent a letter to IOF protesting the latest detention
of one its journalists, demanding his release and for its journalists to
be allowed to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict freely and without

Another Reuters cameraman, Jussry al-Jamal, spent more than five months
in detention last year after being detained while working in the West
Bank city of Hebron.

An Agence France-Presse photographer, Hossam Abu Alan, was also detained
in Hebron and held in a prison camp for six months without being
questioned or charged, before being suddenly released without charge or
explanation last October.

In both cases, IOF initially accused the men of involvement in
"terrorist activities" but failed to provide any evidence to back up the

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