Al Qaeda in Indonesia... sort of

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Feb 26 02:03:56 MST 2003

An interesting article in (bad) English translation. Perhaps over detailed,
and it reflects the Indonesian love of conspiracy theories. Still, it seems
reasonably clear that the Suharto regime had a hand in creating the group
now blamed for the Bali bombings and supposedly linked to Al Qaeda: JI. The
letters are supposed to stand for Jemaah Islamiya (Arabic for Islamic
Community) but in a typically Indonesian twist, it is also said to stand
for Jaringan Istana -- the Network of the (Presidential) Palace. "Readers
can predict by themselves who is behind the Bali blast," the article

Worth a look. BTW when they say "inteligent(s)" they mean intelligence
agents, spies.

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