Afghan Massacre--Convoy of Death (available on video)

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*****   Afghan Massacre--Convoy of Death available on video

Film exposing Pentagon war crimes premieres in US

By Bill Vann
12 February 2003

A powerful film exposing the US role in the massacre of thousands of
unarmed prisoners of war in Afghanistan was shown for the first time
in the United States February 6.

The US premiere of Afghan Massacre--Convoy of Death was held at
American University before a largely student audience. Made by Irish
documentary filmmaker Jamie Doran, who was present for the premiere,
Afghan Massacre has already been broadcast on national television in
Britain, Germany, Australia and Italy, and rights to broadcast it
have been sold to networks in a total of 24 countries.

Afghan Massacre is now available on video and can be purchased at the
web site of Doran's film company, Atlantic Celtic Film Corporation at Brief video excerpts from the film are posted on
Oneworld TV at

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